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Kids in Preschool

Changing the World

About Our School

Welcome to Little Stages, where we believe in cultivating a sense of wonder and excitement in every child. Our mission is to offer a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for children to grow and learn. Our educational programs are designed to stimulate learning, through play, exploration, and discovery. Little Stages offers an exciting range of activities such as:

Our program recognizes and embrace the individuality of each child. We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our cozy and friendly community.


Infant care our main focus is interactive play and nurturing your baby right from the beginning.  Our care takers bond with our babies connecting during feeding, play and naptime.  Maintaining a small-teacher/child ratio allows each infant to have individual and bonding time without interruptions. All babies have their own individual cribs, personal toys and parents receive a daily communication log providing you with detailed information about your child’s day (i.e. feeding, diapering, napping).  Our Highscope Curriculum is encorporated in our infant classroom and daily lesson individualized for each infant similarly to their individual feeding, napping and floortime schedule.


Our teachers continue that bonding experience with our toddlers. The various activities encourage every child's fine and gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, sensory activities, as well as music and stories.  We begin to promote and assist with a structured daily routine with morning activities, free choice, small group activities(music/movement), arts/crafts as well as various tabletop activities. Our toddlers' program also include Music Enrichment, Language Workshop with Professeur Toto (French).  Our toddlers are introduced to the various community outings to the South Orange Library, SOPAC, South Orange Park, etc.

Pre-School & Pre K

All of our preschoolers work on various concepts, including alphabets (Word/Letter links); Math Concepts/Sequencing, Literature (Scholastics AudioBooks and Journaling). Visual, Perforning Arts and Music are part of our daily activities and our program continues to offer music enrichment with Music Preludes, Language Workshop with Professeur Toto (French), annual school trips to SOPAC, South Orange Public Library, local farms and other child friendly venues.

Our pre-kindergartners continue participating in various community events and outings to SOPAC, Bus Trips, Community Helpers, etc…their indepencence in many classroom job responsibilities.  We continue to encourage parent participation with Volunteerism and Family Storytime.  At the end of the school year, our pre-kindergarten graduation includes individual poems and songs celebrating all of their individual accomplishments. Little Stages proudly embraces all stages of our children's individual development.

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